San Antonio Cup Checkin Instructions

Date of Event: March 13-15th 2020




· Deadline: Friday March 6th, 2020 by 10:00 PM NO EXCEPTIONS

· Teams that complete online registration will receive a Confirmation Email by Wednesday March 11th 2020 at 10:00 p.m. Confirmation Email will be sent to the email address listed as “Primary Contact” for this specific event. Please do not send individual inquiries prior to the deadline.

· Online registration documents must include:

o State/Club Approved Roster (USYSA or US Club)

o Current Player Cards to match roster uploaded

o Team Info Sheet

o Guest Player/Loan Player Forms (if needed)

o Permission to Travel (if needed)

Directions to Complete Online Check-In:

1. Teams must provide state/US club approved roster and current player cards, including guest player cards.

2. Submission process:

a. UPLOAD the documents to GotSoccer

· Log in to your team’s GotSoccer page with your username and password.

· Select Tournament name.

· Select the “Documents” tab.

· Select the labels from the drop-down list in the “Team Document Upload” box and upload the appropriate files.

Commonly Asked Questions

ROSTER UPDATES (If applicable): Must notify GotSoccer via email at After confirmation of your initial check-in, your roster is locked and you will need to contact GotSoccer to confirm your updated roster.

How do I add a guest player?

Step 1: OBTAIN the guest player’s card and medical release form.

Step 2: ADD the guest player to your official Roster (USYSA or US Club), unique jersey number, player identification number, and date of birth to the existing approved roster.

Step 3: SCAN and COMBINE into a PDF document

Can I have different player passes from different organizations?

Mixed rosters will NOT be allowed. No Mixing US Club and USYSA passes; even for guest players.

How do I add a guest player after I submitted my online registration? Contact GotSoccer via email at to add guest players online. You will need to upload an updated roster with the guest player’s information on it (jersey #, name, birth date, player ID #) and upload their player card (either separately or with the rest). Please let GotSoccer know when this has been completed.


Click Here to Download Team Info Sheet